The Corporation

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What is a corporation? Where did it come from? How did this business structure of business become the dominant institution of our day? At 10 minutes into this documentary, a woman will say the 14th amendment was passed to free the slaves. This is a liberal misunderstanding. My understanding is that the 14th amendment made us all slaves to the United States Corporation. This fact is the key that people need to know. The United States government is a for-profit private Corporation that is foreign to the united States of America.

Now consider if any one of these “bad” corporations was a PMA business. Would they be able to do so much damage to society? No, the owners of a PMA are liable for the damage they do to the public. Though a PMA organization will be responsible and the founding members have equal liability, the premise of a PMA is a self-governed entity. This makes a PMA more reputable by its very nature because the founders know they have assurance in themselves within their agenda. This can be seen in the day-to-day business practice of a PMA.

My understanding is that because there is only one corporation the Crown Corporation and all other corporations are subsidiaries of that one central corporation, liability is deferred to the King of England. This is why corporations tend to escape punishment as they are limited liability in nature.